For our clients we are a Team, but for us we are a Family

Why Join Jasper Colin Research

We are a trusted partner to our clients helping them make better fact-based decisions to grow their businesses. We passionately focus on addressing our clients’ needs and improving their knowledge through the best digital research solutions in the world. We do this by integrating data from all sources and by providing prescriptive analytics giving insightful answers to their key business questions.

We offer an exciting work environment that brings people together and encourages an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. As a trusted leader in market research present in different countries, we know what makes consumers' hearts beat - globally and locally. We work on projects for successful companies in virtually every major industry.

The Work Environment:

We offer a great and inspiring work environment which enables our teams to deliver the best results for our clients:

  • We embrace working in the team: we build on trust, collaboration and open feedback. We believe in continuous improvement, training and learning.
  • We foster diversity: this means more than gender, race or age for us. It is the inclusion of different thinking, experiences, expertise and backgrounds across all businesses and organizational levels.
  • We believe in a healthy work-life balance. Many of our offices offer initiatives such as flexible working hours or remote working arrangements.

Opportunities to Grow:

Within and beyond market research, we offer a wide range of exciting career opportunities for freshers, as well as for experienced professionals. We look for self-motivated, collaborative and 'creative thinkers' who will thrive in a healthy performance culture. So if you share our drive to help shape markets and if you are looking to make a difference, JCR is the perfect place for you.

If you are starting your career with JCR, you can expect to be exposed to challenging projects from your first day at work. It is also common that you would have the opportunity to interact with colleagues and teams in an international set up. If you are a more experienced professional, we will value the fresh perspective, knowledge and skills you bring to our team. You will be able to apply these at a local, regional and global level.


As a 'people company' investing in our most important asset, our people, is key. We are committed to providing you with opportunities to develop both professionally and personally through local, regional and global programs. This might include:

  • Challenging you with external or internal client assignments.
  • Setting clear targets and provide constructive feedback as well as discussions around potential next assignments.
  • Providing you with a transparent development path.
  • Fostering global growth and mobility with exciting international assignments.
  • Applying our philosophy of performance-related pay.
  • Offering a combination of knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.
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