Webinars can be used to educate your prospective customers on a topic that’s relevant to them (customer acquisition) and as a means of demonstrating your product in front of them (customer engagement and retention).

  • Webinars possess the content marketing trifecta: webinars are an immersive content marketing medium. Not only can they keep your audience engaged for the duration of the time, but they often include an interactive Q & A session — which many attendees find useful.
  • Webinars happen in real time: As opposed to other content types such as whitepapers and blog posts, webinars happen in real time. This gives your audience a great sense of inclusion and engagement. However, many webinars are recorded and available for later viewing. (See end of blog for more on this).
  • Great alternative to a live event: Don’t have the budget to host a live event for your audience? Not to worry, just host a webinar and get your prospects and customers together in one place.
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