Consumers are no longer solely concerned just with price point. Purchase decisions are now being made with more factors at play, things such as brand differentiation, reputation, and customer-centric return policies.

But it’s hard to read a customer’s mind, and it’s also a challenge for retailers to figure out where they fit when compared with their competition.

Especially for retailers just starting out, it may feel like a lot of decisions are made on guesswork or instinct. JCR Retail Industry Team's market research can remove much of that uncertainty, by helping you understand your industry, your target customer, your competition, and your product. And when you understand all that, your chances of success are a lot greater.

Our Retail Market Research team covers the following areas of engagements:

  • Demographics of current and potential customers
  • When, where, how and why people shop at each store for each product
  • Values, lifestyles, aspirations and behaviours of customers
  • Media usage habits, including catalogues
  • Cross-visitation numbers and market share in dollars
  • Store and commodity satisfaction
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