Research and Analysis


1. Mystery Shopping Research

Mystery Shopping Research (MSR) can contribute significantly to achieving company objectives because developing a culture of customer service excellence is critical to the success of business. MSR provides you with an objective measure of customer experience at any point in time and this can be on a short, medium or long term basis. By providing real information, it allows you to monitor and make improvements to customer service levels.

MSR highlights your strengths and weaknesses of customer service with regard to staff knowledge and understanding, helpfulness, friendliness and professionalism; layout and ambience; promotional activities; competitive service levels and the list goes on. MSR can also be used to motivate and reward staff so as to encourage and develop the highest levels of customer service.

2. Desk Research/Secondary Research

Desk research involves the collection of data from existing resources. It provides a cost effective way of gathering available intelligence on market assessment and competitors’ activities. Desk research can also serve as a starting phase for further research, ensuring that there is plenty of information on research matters.

We have industry specific desk research analysts to support the varying needs of our clients. Our team of researchers and interviewers are skilled in collecting and analysing companies’ internal sources of data, as well as external resources including internet, newspapers, research reports, government websites and publications and other documents.

Oftentimes when starting a brand new research, the basic information that companies need is already out there. In the current global economic situation and budget cutting, it is crucial to find out what is available before starting a costlier primary research.

Our desk research team offers:

  • Assistance in your efforts to gather existing data.
  • A team of skilled researchers who are able to find quality information needed for secondary research.
  • Data collection on any particular issue that is of your interest, whether it is a new competitor emerging on the market or a new product that the competition is about to launch.
  • Preparation of extensive, well organized reports according to your company needs.
  • All that is offered at unmatched prices for back office services!

3. Marketing Collaterals

Marketing collaterals like newsletter, white paper and case studies are a cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with customers and prospects.

These collaterals will give the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of the company and its products and services. Customers and prospects may have a limited perspective of what the company can offer if they only view the advertisements or receive promotional email. Newsletter content builds a broader picture.

4. Pricing Studies

Pricing surveys and value research are always of great interest to managers faced with determining the merits of increasing profit margins by raising prices, or the likelihood of increasing revenues by decreasing prices. Online pricing studies can be conducted using a variety of methodological approaches, including conjoint analysis, Van Westendorp models and price rating scales.

JCR pricing project analysts uses popular pricing methodologies to conduct pricing optimization research to help clients determine the most profitable price for their product or service. Pricing optimization is a powerful tool that can have a strong influence on profits and market share. For many businesses, a price change of a few percentage points can have a much larger effect on operating profits. There are few decisions a company makes that can affect profitability as quickly as price.   Pricing research often underestimates the impact of price on purchase decisions and satisfaction, in part because consumers evaluate price differently than other aspects of a product or service.