Jasper Colin Research (JCR) supports media sector including digital media as well as traditional media and entertainment businesses. To help all media businesses succceed, JCR offers a collection of specialized research services for media sector clients.

Today's consumers are increasingly spending more money and time on digital media products and services. JCR can help media companies of all sizes and find new ways to monetize consumer engagement. We can research technological opportunities and generate new media business ideas. While traditional media businesses are under additional pressures due to consumer shifts to online consumption of media, JCR can help cut costs and increase operating efficiency of traditional media sector businesses.

Understanding media sector consumers can be complicated by the number of online consumer media choices. As external research providers, the JCR team can conduct primary research that examines your current and prospective media consumers - analyzing how decisions are made. Consumer preferences can change rapidly, and JCR team provides a practical and cost-effective mechanism to monitor the behavior of your competitors and customers on a regular basis.

Our Retail Market Research team covers the following areas of engagements:

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