Market Research Services


To uphold our objective to be a one stop shop for all market research data collection services, we offer a wide range of best-in-class support services to our clients. The range of services and the resource expertise we offer is carefully woven together to enable best in class research operations package to our clients. As part of our continuous improvement process, Jasper Colin is evaluating and investing in latest data collection technologies as well.

1. Data Collection Methodologies

  • CATI
  • CAWI/Online
  • Face to Face
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Central Location Test
  • Mobile survey

2. Research and Analysis

  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Secondary research
  • Report generation


1. CATI/Telephonic Interviews

Computer Assisted Telephone Interview- procedure is a rising quantitative research method for data collection.
It is a highly standardized method of telephone interviewing, in which the interviewers read off the questions from a computer screen and type the answers directly into the computer as they proceed with the questioning. For many years now, telephone interviews have played a greater role in market research than face-to-face interviews.

Some of the advantages of CATI interviews are:
  • Shorter field times
  • Lower cost
  • Higher sample exhaustion due to repeated contact attempts
  • Better interviewer control
  • Less error-prone due to omission of the data-recording phase after the interview
  • Less error-prone due to omission of the data-recording phase after the interview
CATI interviews are particularly suitable for:
  • Highly standardized surveys
  • Surveys that would normally be limited or not possible at all with the conventional paper-and-pencil method due to complicated filtering
  • Studies with a very small and precisely-defined gross sample, as the system always stores the reaction to a successful connection and relays the telephone numbers back to the individual work stations after a predefined period of time
  • Surveys with complex quota samples, which are continually checked by the system
  • Studies with difficult target groups that can be contacted via CATI at less cost and more specification
  • Jasper Colin Research provides its clients an extremely cost-effective CATI interview method that assures them fast, accurate and usable market research.
2. CAWI/Online Interviews

The internet and technology has profoundly changed the way it is possible to access consumer opinion.  Jasper Colin Research (JCR) has a suite of web based research options for our clients such as web surveys, pop up surveys and banner surveys, which afford us the opportunity to access the views of consumer groups which might not otherwise be possible.

  • Web based surveys are surveys where an email is sent to respondents inviting them to participate in an online survey. 
  • The email contains a hyperlink to the Jasper Colin Research (JCR) web questionnaire, and the respondent can complete it there and then. 
  • Web surveys are used increasingly when interviewing client customers, advertising surveys, staff surveys and for panel surveys.  JCR has the ability to make it interesting with high visual experience for the respondent, while also providing the client with a quick and often cost-effective medium for accessing their customers’ views.

Pop-up surveys work well when surveying visitors to a web site.  The idea is to intercept users on their way into or out of a website, and present them with a pop-up window asking them to participate in a survey.  Our technology randomly selects visitors for the survey, and does not give all visitors to the site the opportunity to participate.  Pop-ups can be used in two different ways – as a recruitment mechanism to join a survey where respondents can accept an invitation to the survey by clicking on a link, or the pop up actually contains the questionnaire itself.

Banner surveys are self-selecting web surveys.  Since some companies do not allow pop-up surveys on their site, we can also place banner advertisements on these sites to attract the types of respondents we are interested in.  Since we lose the randomising benefit of pop-ups, we recommend this sampling technique only for highly targeted groups in certain applications.

JCR’s Features:
  • Complex Logic Capabilities
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Complex Data Tabulations
  • Multiple Language Surveys
  • Language Translation Services
  • Improved Online Survey Experience
  • Real-time Survey Quality Control and Error Checking
  • Image Protection
  • Video / Movie Trailers: Fast, Reliable, and Secure Hosting
  • Flash Development & Integration
3. Face-To-Face

In-home interviewing is the bedrock of Jasper Colin Research (JCR).  We pride ourselves in particular on the sampling approach we adopt for door-to-door surveys; every survey is carried out to strictly controlled guidelines ensuring our samples are completely representative and not subject to respondent selection bias.

Of course, we have a team of highly experienced interviewers, most of who work exclusively for Jasper Colin Research (JCR).  Many of our interviews have worked with Jasper Colin Research (JCR) for more than 5 years.

Nowhere is our reputation for exceptional face-to-face research best demonstrated than with the Jasper Colin Research (JCR) series of political opinion polls, which have been running for many years.  Jasper Colin Research (JCR) has an unparalleled record of doing data collection for accurately reflecting and predicting election and referendum results over this period.

4. In-Depth Interviews

Our highly trained specialists have been working in the field of qualitative research data collection for year and know exactly what it takes to get the right information for you. When you use our services, we will need to gather some information from you first so that we know exactly what our research is. We need a clear picture of your ideal research product so that we can tailor our qualitative data collection techniques to your preferences. Once we have a goal, we will work to secure a solid strategy to deliver the best information possible.

There are a variety of data collection methods in qualitative research that can be used to garner the necessary results. Some of the major data collection methods qualitative research requires are in depth interviews, direct observation, and written documents. We can speak with people over the phone or conduct paper interviews and observe websites or other things that need to be examined in order to gain insight into your specific project. Whatever needs to be done, we want to work with you to make sure that your project is a success. To do this, we can utilize the various data collection techniques in qualitative research.

If you have specific project that call for qualitative research, you’ve come to the right place. We have years of experience in data collection for qualitative research and our specialists are high qualified. Don’t hesitate and be sure to contact us for all your data collection qualitative research today.

5. Focus Group Discussions

Our professional in-house recruiting satisfies the strictest requirements with a variety of respondents that will meet the criteria for your study, no matter what the demographics.  We maintain a high standard of recruiting, assuring you of participants that best meet your needs.

JCR has excellent facilities and well experienced moderators for executing focus group discussions for market research studies in a any industry.

6. Central Location Test

Central location test can be used like in testing a new packaging material or packaging test in which the real size store shelf or eye tracking tests, Sensory tests require the specified setup and use special lightning and many samples which needs to be stored in the controlled conditions. The other advantage of the Central Location Test ensures the strict follow with the safety and confidentiality which needs to be ignored in real store test.

Central Location Test offers the specialized advantage over face to face interviewing, the advantage of Central Location Test can be utilized for many kinds of product tests as well as for qualitative research and pilot tests. The response rates are fairly higher response rates and better results in cases where are extremely long or difficult to survey. This sort of testing is conducive to finding special target samples such as ethnic groups, children and teens. We recruit respondents through street or mall intercepts offering stringent validation procedures, allow clients to directly observe interviewing, provide greater confidentiality than other research methods, and will not be impeded by pending legislation that will narrow the ability to recruit respondents in other survey methodologies.

We offer Central Location Tests in a range of research situations, including:

  • Sensory Testing
  • Advertising or Copy Testing
  • Concept tests
  • Product tests
  • Packaging tests

We can recruit nationally to meet all the client needs for the specific projects. We can arrange venues all over the country which are appropriate for a variety of Central Location Test studies, the venues may be a 5,000+ square foot automotive clinic site, a completely equipped kitchen for a taste test or a hotel banquet room to accommodate 100 or more respondents

Equipment display research studies are easily accommodated with our multi-purpose study room that has wide double door entry from our parking lot. Paper and Pencil, PC/Laptop or hand held data collection options are available.

7. Mobile survey

Never before have more people been so accessible for market research thanks to the smartphones and tablets.

The key features of this service are:
  • Optimised experience for mobile screen
  • Myriad of question types, survey logic – all cross-platform
  • Survey chunking to accommodate longer surveys
  • Real-time data reporting via custom dashboards
  • Best respondent experience – only data connection and mobile browser required, nothing to download
  • Truly cross-platform – design and script only once
The key benefits of mobile surveys are
  • Reach the mobile audiences – in emerging and growth markets mobile is the main way to go online
  • Target mobile owners – by their phone type, OS, model and make, and more…
  • Hard-to-reach respondents – 72% of 16-25 year olds use mobile as their main connected device
  • Pinpoint data collection – people typically respond to survey invites sent via SMS within 15 minutes
  • Rapid insight with 24 hour turnaround – knowledge in days, not weeks or months
How mobile survey works