Desk research, in market research terms, is the drawing together and collating of secondary information. This information, or secondary data, may take the form of previous published research reports, newspaper articles, laws, maps and an array of other documents or forms of media - such as video or audio.

Desk research may be used to add to or inform primary research, or it may stand alone as a form of market research. Desk research is one of the many forms of market research methodology offered by Jasper Colin Research.

We follow a very well planned and articulated research procedure with the assistance of which result oriented solutions are prescribed. We have proved ourselves both in the fields of external and internal secondary research over a long period of time. Our teams are competitive to the core and are proficient in collecting the right information for the correct implementation of the research services. The entire research model has been designed in such a way that full proof recommendations can be provided.

Apart from processing the data from books, journals or periodicals we also collect it from the web which is one of the most major resources in the modern times. The method of data collection from the web is quite cost effective and there is no hassle of acquiring book related information. There are a variety of methods which we employ to conduct the research process successfully. Our professionals do provide scientific and planned research mechanisms which come in the form of positioning simulation, ethnography and six sigma marketing techniques. If you want to elevate your business prospects to great heights with a sound market research campaign, you can rely on the secondary market research provided by us.

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