To uphold our objective to be a one stop shop for all market research data collection services, we offer a wide range of best-in-class support services to our clients. The range of services and the resource expertise we offer is carefully woven together to enable best in class research operations package to our clients. As part of our continuous improvement process, Jasper Colin is evaluating and investing in latest data collection technologies as well.

CATI/Phone to Web Surveys

Jasper Colin Research recommends CATI methodology for the following project scenarios:

  • Highly standardized surveys
  • Surveys that would normally be limited or not possible at all with the conventional paper-and-pencil method due to complicated filtering
  • Studies with a very small and precisely-defined gross sample, as the system always stores the reaction to a successful connection and relays the telephone numbers back to the individual work stations after a predefined period
  • Surveys with complex quota samples, which are continually checked by the system
  • Studies with difficult target groups that can be contacted via CATI at less cost and more specification

Jasper Colin Research provides its clients an extremely cost-effective CATI interview method that assures them fast, accurate and usable market research.

CAWI/Online Surveys

The internet and technology has profoundly changed the way it is possible to access consumer opinion. Jasper Colin Research (JCR) has a suite of web-based research options for our clients such as web surveys, pop up surveys and banner surveys, which afford us the opportunity to access the views of consumer groups which might not otherwise be possible.

Jasper Colin Research Online Survey Operations team are using best-in-class technology and resources and execute the same with following features:

  • Complex Logic Capabilities
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Complex Data Tabulations
  • Multiple Language Surveys
  • Language Translation Services
  • Improved Online Survey Experience
  • Real-time Survey Quality Control and Error Checking
  • Image Protection
  • Video / Movie Trailers: Fast, Reliable, and Secure Hosting
  • Flash Development & Integration

Jasper Colin Research provides its clients an extremely cost-effective CATI interview method that assures them fast, accurate and usable market research.

Mobile/Tablet Surveys

Jasper Colin Research team is loaded with best-in-class mobile/tablet survey suite to support all kinds of mobile survey requests from our clients.

The key features of this services are:

  • Optimised experience for mobile screen
  • Myriad of question types, survey logic – all cross-platform
  • Survey chunking to accommodate longer surveys
  • Real-time data reporting via custom dashboards
  • Best respondent experience – only data connection and mobile browser required, nothing to download
  • Truly cross-platform – design and script only once

Screen Sharing Surveys

Jasper Colin Research team uses the latest conferencing tools with which the moderator’s survey screen will be shared with the respondent. The respondent can be given the cursor control rights as well in cases of product or concept testing studies.

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