Following the execution of the research plan, a wide variety of statistical services will be available to our clients. Jasper Colin Research will answer your questions and help guide you through your data every step of the way.

From basic data summary tables to full statistical reports, all results will be delivered accurately in a customized, presentation-ready format. If further analysis is needed to guide decision making, our statistical services team will work with you to determine the best methodology.

Jasper Colin Research can provide:
  • Statistical consulting for projects not conducted by Jasper Colin Research.
  • Assistance to determine the most appropriate statistical methods for the analysis of project data

JCR’s Data Tab Team

Jasper Colin Research’s (JCR) Data Tab team is known for its ability to take the most difficult data tabulation specifications and turn around clean, mistake free tables. Our expertise extends more than 10 years with our team members having come from industry renowned and global companies.

While we assign a single point of contact to manage your data tabulation projects, JCR’s Data Tab Team works together to ensure that the tabulated results we provide you are mistake free and follow the exact specification you’ve laid out in your tab plan. We’re a meticulous group who is known for effectively managing the most complex table requests.

We specialize in:

  • Stat Testing
  • Data Weighting
  • Pivot Tables
  • Multi-level Banners and Banner Point Nesting
  • Complex Calculations
  • Summary Tables
  • And much more

Open-end Coding

JCR’s Open-end Coding Team, has been coding for 10 years, having coded for leading market research and consulting companies. For international, non-English projects, we translate all open-ends into English (for English speaking clients) and then code the translated open-ends. Whether you have 2 open-ends or 50, our team has seen it all and knows how to build code list and code responses that most accurately reflect the intent of the respondent.

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