Digital transformation is undoubtedly disrupting the financial services industry as fierce competition is producing exciting innovations that are having a massive impact on the way people manage their finances. With the ability to build and implement technologies that make financial systems more efficient, key developments will change the way we manage our finances including the way we borrow, how we make payments and how we transfer money. The future of the financial services industry does not lie in commoditised products, but in innovation and design that creates these new and relevant customer centric experiences. Investing in the right people, processes and technology that enhance the customer experience will drive differentiation, loyalty and advocacy.

To deliver these experiences, financial institutions need to know their customers and understand what experiences will deliver to both their rational and emotional needs at various life stages. At JCR, we know how to deliver insight about your target market and your customers to drive innovation and future proof your business. We have a pragmatic approach to project work, designing and delivering research to get you what you don’t know, rather than what you do.

Categories that we cover under our BFSI Market Research pillar are:

  • Current and savings account market
  • Pensions market
  • Insurance market
  • Financial advice market
  • Personal loan market
  • Mortgage market
  • Investment market
  • Property market
  • Credit cards market
  • Business banking market
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