B2B Online


JCR builds and maintains B2B (Business to Business) respondent panels under PanelJCR website for long and tracker studies. We provide cost effective online B2B panels of any size to support research communities. Additionally, we handle recruiting, project management, technology leverage, compliance monitoring, and incentives disbursements. PanelJCR is considered as one of the fastest mode to access to large data in minimal timelines.

A typical B2B project via Panel JCR includes the following steps:

  • Project debrief and setup
  • Panel invitations (Email mode)
  • Respondent screening and qualification for the scope
  • Quota distribution
  • Compliance tracking
  • Respondent communication & support
  • Survey confirmation emails
  • Incentive disbursement
  • Project delivery

For more information about Panel JCR Resource, or to schedule a meeting or call with us, please email to info@paneljcr…..

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