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Sales Analytics

Sales and Operational Analytics

  • Sales force Optimization: JCR improves the efficiency and productivity of your global sales force through our analytics and optimization methodology. We provide you with a holistic view of all business drivers including the salesforce, then deep dive to optimize your salesforce structure, alignment, programs at the territory, district and market level in an on-demand manner.
  • Sales Targeting and Segmentation: JCR uses analytics to identify and target right customer as well as microsegments, thereby helping your clients to increase their sales, traffic and retention. We help you in targeting your customers based on four different ways namely demographic, physiographic, geographic, and behavioral.
  • Sales Call Planning: JCR helps you to nail the sales calls by analyzing the customer profiles in a detailed manner. We will help you to focus on the best targets, provide you with the best resource allocation strategy and proper coverage levels.
  • Territory Alignment: JCR helps you to optimize the alignment of your salesforce with respect to target territory to increase your sales by providing in-depth insights through our analytics platforms. We help you with the identification of performance gaps, so that we can make incremental changes.
  • Sales funnel analytics: JCR provides analytics pertaining to the prospect who has scrolled through your website so that it can result into a conversion. We provide you with detailed insights of all the series of events leading towards a sale.

Sales Analysis and Forecasting

  • Sales Forecast: JCR builds advanced analytics model to provide you with accurate sales forecasting. These forecasts typically updated monthly or quarterly and provide national & regional projections.
  • Revenue Forecast: JCR analyzes your historical company’s revenue and provide you with detailed forecasting. We consider a number of parameters such as sales, production volumes, among other micro and macroeconomic indicators.
  • Demand Forecast: JCR uses advanced analytics to analyze the demand of your product in the near future. We use various analytical techniques such as time-series, multiple linear regression for analyzing the demand for your product. We consider various micro and macro-economic indicators

Salesforce Effectiveness

  • Sales Force KPI and metrics: JCR provides you with advanced data visualization so that you can clearly measure your key salesforce KPI and metrics such as lead response time, opportunity to win-ratio, rate of follow up contact, social media usage, among others.
  • Sales Force Productivity: JCR provides you with important insights pertaining to time spent by sales representatives, customer interaction with sales reps and key factors impacting the sales performance.
  • Incentive Compensation and Planning: JCR uses analytics to provide you with detailed insights about your sales, customers and territory through interactive data visualization so that you can make informed decisions about your company.

Marketing Analytics

Market Mix Modelling

  • Channel and campaign ROI analysis: JCR uses analytics to give you detailed insights of return on investment of channel and campaigns. Some of the ways are single attribution, single attribution with revenue cycle projection, attribute across multiple programs and people, test and control groups and full market mix modelling.
  • Synergy Analysis: JCR does synergy analysis for identifying direct and indirect impact of different types of media on cumulative sales and the ROI generated.
  • Halo Analysis: JCR does market mix modelling which helps you identifying the factors which are creating the halo effect and prevent cannibalization. We consider all the parameters which are creating biasness towards certain products.
  • ROI simulations: JCR builds a simulation model which answers the questions such as what if consumer’s preference change in the market, what if we launch a new product, what if a new competing product comes on the market, what if we change our messaging, etc. This helps you in increasing your ROI.

Campaign Analytics

  • Campaign performance and ROI: JCR measures the performance the campaign performance and ROI at definite intervals, so as to give increased level of accuracy. We analyze the different metrics such as traffic generation, visitors, click-thru rate, conversion rate, and cost per lead, among others.
  • Fighting strategy: JCR analyzes the different campaign attributes and gives you recommendations as to how you can increase the marketing effectiveness of campaigns. We provide you with enhanced picture of your competition in a much better way and help you guide how to move ahead.

Customer Analytics

Next Best Offer

  • Historical Customer – View: JCR understands the customer behavior by analyzing the historical data to find particular trends, patterns, correlations, and other statistical relationships, thereby helping you to determine the next best action.
  • Customer Product Affinity: JCR analyses the customer data to find patterns and behaviors, thereby providing you with the recommendations for cross-selling of your products and guide your website and loyalty program designs. We help you in identification of exact relationships between customers and the attributes associated with them.
  • Channel Optimization: JCR optimizes different marketing channels for you, so that you can appropriately fulfill the consumer preferences and lower your costs to serve each customer. We identify the best performing media channel or publisher or keyword group etc. for your digital marketing campaign.
  • Targeted Marketing: JCR provides actionable insights by building various predictive models so that you can target the exact buyers of your product. We identify the potential customers and help to select the best mediums through which you can reach them.

Customer Lifetime Value

  • Customer Segmentation: JCR uses advanced analytics to give a holistic understanding of each customer by analyzing their needs and buying characteristics. We use advanced analytics techniques such as clustering on transactional and appended data wherein we divide your customer base into different groups based on shared characteristics such as customer needs, among others.
  • Future Life-Time Value: JCR models the historical purchasing behavior of different customers so that you can infer what their future actions will be. We provide you with the best strategies on how you can increase the amount of revenue your customer will provide over the lifetime of his relationship.
  • Customer Satisfaction: JCR provides enhanced picture of your customers by analyzing the previous customer experience data. We also assess customer satisfaction by doing both quantitative and qualitative surveys. We help you in building long-lasting customer relationships through our powerful customer engagement approach.
  • Net Promoter Score: JCR net promoter score model helps in identifying the different characteristics of each customer by analyzing the three different categories i.e. promoters, passives and detractors. We help you understand the customer loyalty, predict revenue and company’s growth through net promotor score indicator.

Customer Churn and Customer Retention

  • Customer Loyalty: JCR builds a predictive model by analyzing your loyalty program data, so that you can garner deeper insights on the long term member behavior. We apply various advanced analytics techniques for identifying the key factors which are driving conversion and loyalty for each of your customer segments.
  • Customer Churn Propensity: JCR uses predictive analytics to predict the customer churn by assessing their propensity of risk to churn. We do a comprehensive analysis of various factors leading to churn, thereby reducing your churn rate.
  • Customer Churn Forecast: JCR builds a predictive model, which helps you to understand which of the customers are likely to disengage with your business in the near future. We analyze the historical customer data and find out various patterns and inferences pertaining to the factors which are leading towards customer churn.
  • Customer Retention Strategy: Repeated customers can be created and the profitability of future purchases can be increased by using the JCR advanced analytics model. We help you with determining which customers are likely to leave even before they discontinue services, key factors for reducing the churn, the effective media channel, and complete set of steps to customer retention.

Pricing Analytics

Price Point Optimization

  • Price Elasticity Analysis: We help manufacturers in understanding the price-sensitivity of consumers towards a particular product in aftermarket and at the time of buying. Here, the model is built wherein sales is considered as dependent variable and independent variables such as store-specific information, demographic information and details of competitors, among others.
  • Discount Sensitivity Analysis: JCR uses advanced analytics to understand the discount pricing sensitivity of different consumers with respect to different products. The data from sources such as campaigns and point of sale is analyzed and right customers are targeted.
  • Price Gap Analysis: JCR provides you with the actionable insights pertaining to price difference with respect to competitor/substitution. We provide you with the recommendations on what should be the optimal pricing for that particular product.
  • Cross-Price Elasticity Models: JCR uses advanced analytics to understand customer behavior when the price of one good changes with respect to another. The price change on competitor/substitution product sales is understood and its impact is then measured.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Predictive Analytics can be used identify and analyze consumer buying pattern and understand which type of pricing is being preferred by which type of consumers. This helps manufacturers, to make strategic decisions based on dynamic pricing insights.

Competitor Price Tracking

  • Price Comparisons: JCR provides with price comparisons of different products across various e-commerce websites through interactive dashboards. The other information such as stock information etc. can also be provided depending on your requirements.
  • Competitor Price Benchmarking: JCR provides with recommendations as to what should be the exact pricing of your product so that you can increase it’s sales. We analyze the pricing of your competitor product by the use of various advanced analytic techniques in real-time.
  • Promotional Pricing Strategy: JCR uses advanced algorithms based on the mixture of data analytics and promotional strategies so as to get most profitable items and offers. JCR will help you in quantifying promotional strategies, measure it's net impact, implement accurate forecasting methods, among others.
  • Price Change Alerts: JCR provides you with alerts with respect to changes in the price of the product through interactive data visualization. We continuously monitor various e-commerce sites and provide you with insights on the price changes in real-time.

Fraud Detection

  • Fraudulent Transaction Detection: JCR builds a predictive model which allows to efficiently detect the fraudulent transactions. We help you in detecting the fraud cases, predicting the likelihood of fraud and reduce different types of fraud.
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection: JCR provides you with an appropriate model which is capable of denying any fraudulent transactions even before they occur. We analyze your credit card data and help you save money on transactions due to fraud.
  • Fake Insurance Claim Detection: JCR analyzes your historical claims data by using advanced analytics techniques and predicts the likelihood of fraudulent claims. These machine learning algorithms increase the customer satisfaction as you can pay the valid claims at a faster rate.
  • Potential Loan Defaulter Identification: JCR identifies the customer who is likely to default based on different parameters/attributes. Hence, matching of the set parameters is required for getting the loan. We will build a predictive model for you for identifying the loan defaults before they happen.

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis: JCR uses advanced analytics to understand, define and categorize customer opinions pertaining to a particular brand and its products and services. Various uses cases and applications where we provide in-depth sentiment analysis include social media monitoring, brand monitoring, customer feedback, customer support, workforce analytics, product analytics and market research.
  • Topic Modelling: Advanced analytics is used to discover random topic information inside a collection of documents. We help you in finding out recurring patterns of words in textual material as well as trends in online publications.
  • User Review, Rating Analysis: Advanced analytics is used to understand the consumer behavior by analyzing the user behavior and rating analysis, thereby helping the clients by providing or suggesting user specific recommendations.
  • Text Mining: Advanced Analytics is used to mine large amounts of unstructured textual data for identifying patterns, topics, keywords and other important attributes in the data, thereby helping you in understand your customers better.
  • Trend Tracking: JCR builds a predictive model to measure the impact of key market events on your brand. We track the trends of different attributes and give you a clear picture on how they can affect your brand.
  • Opinion Mining: The consumer’s opinions and interests can be mined from the social media content by the manufacturers. The tonality of conversations can be analyzed and then can be used to understand the brand perception among the followers.
  • Word Cloud: JCR uses advanced analytics to provide visual representation of textual data for showcasing those words that appear with the highest frequency. We provide you with meaningful insights and patterns from your data, which helps you in building your optimal strategy.

Brand Monitoring and Competitive Analysis

  • Social KPIs and Metrics: JCR uses analytics to understand the important key performance indicators such as income, age, demographics, among others from your data. We accurately measure the performance of your social media campaigns and help you in understanding that how users are engaging with your brand online.
  • Competitor Profiling: JCR uses competitor profiling so as to understand how your competitors are performing, thereby help you make the strategic decisions.
  • Market Basket Analysis: It is basically a technique which is based upon the theory that if we buy a certain group of items, we are more (or less) likely to buy another group of items. Here we use association analysis to understand it and bring out effective patterns, so that we can target right customers in a more appropriate way.
  • Net Promoter Score: JCR net promoter score model helps in identifying the different characteristics of each customer by analyzing the three different categories i.e. promoters, passives and detractors. We conduct market research surveys based upon your requirements and provide you with actionable insights.
  • Loyalty Analysis: JCR uses advanced analytics to identify the factors which are driving conversion and loyalty for each customer segment. We identify the accurate mix of all the digital marketing channels and provide you with detailed analysis on it.

Merchandising Analytics

Category Analytics

  • Category Size: JCR advanced analytics can be used to find the size of each of the category and deliver an optimal size so as to achieve a profitable growth.
  • Category Growth: JCR uses advanced analytics to understand the growth of different categories and provide recommendations.
  • Category Association Analysis: JCR uses association analysis as a statistical technique to find meaningful correlations between different categories, thereby helping you to target the right customer with the appropriate product.
  • Category Optimization: JCR uses advanced analytics to help you optimize different categories as per your need so that your business can attain a profitable growth.

Store Front Layout Analytics

  • Store Layout/Heat Map: JCR uses advanced analytics to help you understand the store layout thereby increasing sales to a higher level. We provide you with a detailed dashboard containing insights pertaining to your store with respect to your customers, so that you can analyze the consumer behavior.
  • Traffic Queues and Pattern Analysis: JCR provides with precise insights by analyzing the shopper traffic patterns and queue analysis, so that you can better understand the needs and behaviors of shoppers.
  • Market Basket Analysis: It is basically a technique which is based upon the theory that if we buy a certain group of items, we are more (or less) likely to buy another group of items. JCR uses association analysis to understand it and bring out effective patterns, so that we can target customers in more appropriate way.
  • POS Transaction Analysis: JCR provides enhanced consumer insights by analyzing the consumer behavior data from POS machines. We can get multi-dimensional correlation pertaining to timings, inventory, purchases and other parameters.
  • Shelf Space Optimization: JCR uses advanced statistical techniques for letting you know that in which manner a product should be placed in the store as it plays a critical role in retail success. We provide you with demand insights such as space elasticity, consumer decision trees, and attributes etc.
  • Shopper Marketing ROI: JCR builds a predictive model through which we give you insights and recommendations as to how you can increase your shopper marketing ROI.

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